Yes, I am yelling…because I want everyone near and far to know I am doing a fundraiser for the Red Cross to benefit those affected by the floods in the Mid-West. I know I previously mentioned wanting to raise money for the victims of the Myanmar cyclone, but their dang Junta government doesn’t seem to want our help and I at least want the money to get to the people we are trying to help. So since those folks in the Mid-West are being completely inundated with water (in some areas, the water is 12 feet above previous catastrophic flood-levels), I figured I would help take care of our folks here at home.
So, here’s the details everyone will want to know:

  • I will be using the jewelry sales from my Cookie Lee Jewelry business to raise the money for the Mid-West Flood Victims.
  • A full 50% of the proceeds of each purchase made by you will be sent to the Red Cross to benefit those affected by the flooding in the Mid-West.
  • The fundraiser will run from today, Friday, 6/13/08, through Friday, 6/27/08.
  • Please go to http://www.cookielee.biz/colleenrummel to see a virtual catalog. Or if you’d like a print catalog mailed to you, please contact me either at [email protected] or through the Cookie Lee site just mentioned (and in my blogroll), and I will get one out to you.
  • Once you have made your selections, send them to me at [email protected] and I will total it up for you and let you know how much of your order will be benefitting the Red Cross.
  • I will also be doing silent auctions on items…so keep an eye out for those!
  • I charge 5% Virginia Sales Tax and a flat $5 for Priority Mail shipping, regardless of how large your order is (hint: go in with a couple girlfriends or neighbors to send me one big order and save on shipping!).
  • NEW UPDATE!!! If you’d like to raise an additional money for the Mid-West Flood Victims, you can book a party, or sign-up as a personal shopper or a Cookie Lee Jewelry consultant! I will donate an additional $15 per party, personal shopper sign-up, or consultant sign-up!

Please pass this info along to your friends and families. I know we have seen the images on the news and the internet and can see that the water has completely enveloped entire towns with water. Remember that so many of these flood victims are the ones that raise livestock and grow crops for food on our dinner tables. I’m sure many of you have friends or family in the affected areas.

So, break out your checks, your credit cards, or your PayPal and pick up some jewelry; these folks need our help.

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