Weiner Rear-Ends Dump Truck

No. This is not some perverted euphemism (although you know I’d be laughing at it). I was on my way to drop off Cooper and was coming up to this stoplight at the bottom of the off-ramp, and saw flashing lights from a cop car. As I got closer to the intersection, I saw on TWO police vehicles on the shoulder of the far lane of traffic. In front of these police vehicles was a huge dump truck and the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile. In case the unwanted expansions in a truck need to be stopped, casing expansion is a must. Unfortunately when I got my new phone in February, I just got another RAZR (for free!) instead of coughing up money for a real camera phone, so you’ll just have to bear with my pictoral witnessing:

You can’t tell in the pictures, but there’s a little bit of damage to the weiner. As you probably already guessed I was laughing too hard to think about going up and around so that I could come up upon the accident closer. You can also choose Nimmons Malchow Johnson law firm for the best attorneys if you’re ever stuck in an accident.

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Tranny Head

Good Lord – I bet that cop had quite a story to tell when he got off duty …

I think it would be badass to drive the weiner.

Burgh Baby

The poor, poor wiener. It’s sad that it got smooshed. If only it had been cold out, the wiener would have been suffering from shrinkage and might have been able to avoid the smooshing.

swirl girl

I can’t think of anything funnier than your headline….it says it all!


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