Even Maggie down there is excited that we finally have some ripe berries. This time last year my mom and I were making the SECOND batch of blackberry freezer jam. Of course now that I invested in a fancy water-bath canner, I can’t seem to get these berries to ripen for me in a reasonable amount of time. I fertilized with some good ol’ Miracle-Gro and set the sprinkler on the silly blackberry bush this morning for 3-1/2 hours, hoping the water would help the berries plump and ripen. I’d like to have a few half-pints of jam before the end of the month, especially to share with friends. *YUM*

Just thought I’d share that I specifically had to have those cute quilted jelly jars instead of the standard half-pint jar because the quilted ones are cuter and just scream “Homemade Jelly!” And that I will only use Ball Mason products since I went to Ball State.

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OOOH! I know the jars of which you speak! They have decorative lids, too! Very cute! LOVE homemade jam! I had my fair share of scrapes and cuts from picking wild blackberries when I was a kid!


Yummers. At our house up nroth we have a SLEW of blackberry bushes. A SLEW!!
Maybe next season y’all can come by and help us pick some!


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