Taunting the Fire Marshall

This morning Justin took the truck, even though I would need it for bringing my cousin, Jill, and her daughter, Meghan, to the airport. Turns out he needed 2 vehicles (our truck and the minivan he was renting) for picking up the students from Alaska and their chaperones, and all their luggage.

Now shoving Jill’s gigantic suitcase, stroller, and Meghan’s infant seat into my car wouldn’t have been a big deal except that I didn’t send Cooper to school because he had his 1-year check-up today (22 lbs 8 oz, and 30.5 inches tall…50th and 75th percentile, respectively), so his carseat needed to remain. And since Justin wouldn’t be picking up the Alaskan group until after 5pm at the airport the OPPOSITE direction of our house, I had to pick up Gavin, so I couldn’t dump his carseat out of the car, either.

We ended up putting Cooper in Gavin’s seat (since he can be forward-facing), putting Meghan in Cooper’s seat, and shoved her infant seat on its side in-between the two carseats. The stroller and suitcase didn’t quite fit in my trunk and we don’t have bungee cords…but we thankfully had some rachet straps that worked out (after Jill and I figured out how to work them…ha ha!)

I really don’t know if the Fire Marshall has jurisdiction over my car, but if he did, I think we were cuttin’ it close.

“My” Meghan…she’s just a few days shy of 3 months old.

I know…too friggin’ cute. Until he popped her in the head twice with that rattle before I could set down the camera and rescue Meghan. He wasn’t jealous…just curious and wanted to touch her. With a rattle.

Cooper sitting with Jill (for about half a second…).

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Ha! I remember our little Corsica (does anyone even remember this car?) stacked full of crap as we made our way (in wedded bliss) to Georgia from Michigan. Stuff was spilling out the trunk, hanging out the windows. We didn’t care. We were in luuuurve. Lame.


I’m very impressed with your creative solutions! That little girl is beautiful! (As is Cooper, as always!)

Burgh Baby

I’m pretty sure photos of that many carseats in a car at one time could be used as a form of birth control. You should have shown them to Jamie Lynn Spears about a year ago.


I do believe it looks like you packed wrong….Yes dear, if you will just take it all out and try putting the car seats in the trunk and that stuff back there on top of the car and empty the glove box into the back seat floorboard…

Madame Queen

All you need is a rocking chair on the roof and you’d look like the Clampetts! Are you sure you’re not from Georgia?


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