yes.  I am officially asking for help…from THIS BOTTLE! 


OMG!  It’s actually pretty good wine, and the name of it makes me feel slightly empowered and less guilty for being grouchy.  And it makes me laugh.  And I think I’m going to bed really really early tonight.  I cannot even comment on the source of my ailment without doing a password-protected post, and that is going to to have to wait until I’m awake enough to figure it out.  But I will give you hints:  illness, family, sleep deprivation, livlihood, and major muscle fatigue.  Not necessarily in that order.

p.s.  I had a very nice Easter, so be sure to look at the preshusss photos over at Justin’s site.  Just click on the thumbnails to see bigger pics (no need to pull out the reading glasses to view).

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That is a fabulous bottle!

And the pictures over on Justin’s site are ADORABLE. Oh my god, your boys are too cute. Love the black and white too!


Considering, according to the Foster’s commercials, that a shark is a “guppy”, I’m sure they pronounce it “grape juice”. 😉


OMG! I LOVE that bottle! I NEED that bottle!! But I’d probably have to HIDE that bottle, ’cause my kids would pick up a nifty new word that they could use at school on a regular basis. 🙂


I just run to Starbucks when I need something strong. Caffeine does enough for me, I fear what alcohol would do.


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