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Letters While Driving 3? 4?

don’t know….don’t care…too lazy to look…. Remember this guy? Dear Previously Half-Nekid Construction Worker Wandering Aimlessly Near My Sons’ Daycare: Glad to see you’re back working wandering after a brief cold snap. Also noticed that you are taking advantage of this morning’s balmy 40-degree weather by wearing an extraordinarily filthy waffle-weave “long john” shirt under […]

Letters While Driving 3

Dear Little Grey Prius Hiding in my Blindspot, Hi there…I know you are little and cute and ecologically-sound, but I bet you didn’t know that you fit PERFECTLY in my blindspot. I drive a cavalier, so it is a very small blindspot, but you manage to not only fit it, but stay in it for […]

Letters While Driving 2

Dear Teeny-Bopper in the Orange Roller Skate: I know you are very excited with your new driver’s license and your new little orange car (I know it’s yours because what self-respecting woman over 20 years old would have a car that color…although no offense to those of you women out there over 20 years old […]

Letters While Driving

Dear Construction Worker Walking Listlessly Near the Construction Worksite Near My Sons’ School: I know it is unseasonably warm outside (nearly 80 degrees at 9am in friggin’ October!), and maybe you are working on bringin’ sexy back to the road and construction industry, but maybe consider having elections as to whom in your industry should […]