Letters While Driving 3

Dear Little Grey Prius Hiding in my Blindspot,

Hi there…I know you are little and cute and ecologically-sound, but I bet you didn’t know that you fit PERFECTLY in my blindspot. I drive a cavalier, so it is a very small blindspot, but you manage to not only fit it, but stay in it for several miles in the grey rain without your headlights on. So sorry if I nearly checked you into the jersey wall-you were not in any of my mirrors and in the rain, I didn’t see you there in my blindspot. Learning to NOT drive in people’s blindspots would be a great plus. Turning on your headlights would be helpful, too. So would driving a car that doesn’t match the rain.


A Concerned (about Illegal Checking) Driver

Dear Fellow Daycare Parents,

I know you love your big gigantic SUVs, but they just do not fit in the cramped parking spaces at our children’s daycare facility. Maybe if you considered driving your RAV-4 instead of the Land Cruiser to deliver your two children to the daycare, we’d all be able to exit our vehicles without getting dings in our doors. Or me getting my car nearly run over since your big SUVs take up nearly a space-and-a-half, but you as the driver do not seem aware of this fact and try to squeeze that Winnebago-sized truck into a space a Prius can barely fit in (see above…they can fit in some tiny spaces!…but you cannot).


A Concerned (about my Paintjob) Driver

Dear Citizens of Centreville, VA,

I know we are located on the coast, in a major metropolitan area, where many people from many lands come to America and bring with them their own driving rules and skills, but you, fine city of Centreville, seem to have an extra-specially large helping of idiot drivers on your city’s fine roads. They refuse to use turn signals, stomp on the brakes any chance they get, ignore rules of the road and road signage, and generally drive like they own the road. What is it about Centreville that draws these people into your city limits? Is your city motto, “bring me your tired, your text-driving, your speeding through school zones?”

I know I drive through your town daily to-and-from work, but I also do extensive driving through your neighboring towns and witness far less driving infractions. I guess I can say that I’m glad these folks are in your town and not mine.

Kindest Regards,

A Concerned (about driving through the Wild Wild West) Driver

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Madame Queen

My daughter’s daycare is full of those same SUVs. I just dont’ get why you would need such a ginormous car for just two people. And the gas! At $3/gallon, it just kills me!


I feel your pain! I want to write a letter to all the drivers here in Mesa who do not understand that the left lane is not for slow traffic. Move over people! I’ve got places to go!


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