Bein’ Contrary


I swear he did that nasty scratch in the five minutes it took to call and make an appointment to get his portraits done. Stinker.
He also has been on a bit of a nursing strike the past day and a half, and pooped in the tub during his bath today. Due to the velocity at which he poops, I think I’ll be finding remnants for the next few weeks despite my efforts at containing and cleaning.
Wonder what we’re in for when he’s a teenager.

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My kids always, ALWAYS, had a knack at getting something done to their faces right before pictures were to be taken. Even when we didn’t tell them that we were going to get their pictures taken. Little buggers.

As far as the pooping goes… God bless you, and his future spouse. 🙂


So I’m not the only one whose children suddenly have faciall bruises/scraoes the MOMENT portraits are scheduled?! Hallelujah!


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