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Go Ball State!

My alma mater, Ball State University, has been having one helluva football season! We are 6-0 and I am completely beside myself (they were never that good when I was there, of course). And even after one of our top players, Dante Love, suffered a very serious spinal injury a few weeks ago, the team […]

Bears Lost

and really, that’s all I’ve got to say about that. If any of you are Looky Daddy fans…his daughter Katheryn had what doctors believe might’ve been a seizure…very scary stuff…be sure to stop by to lend The Dad and The Mom your support and good thoughts. And just to raise the spirits a little, this week […]

Weee…Saturday Night and I’m BLOGGIN’!

Yep, I am the essence of cool on a Saturday night!  Nothing says “romance” like sitting two feet from your husband as you both feverishly put in a post at 11-something at night so that you can keep your goal of 31 for 21. So I’m wondering a few things… did anyone besides my equally […]