Bears Lost

and really, that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

If any of you are Looky Daddy fans…his daughter Katheryn had what doctors believe might’ve been a seizure…very scary stuff…be sure to stop by to lend The Dad and The Mom your support and good thoughts.

And just to raise the spirits a little, this week Gavin said the following crazy things:

  • “what’chu talkin’ about, Mommy?” after I replied to his query that I did not have his frog in my possession
  • “what’s going on here, Mommy?” after I informed him that I needed him to sit and do his puzzle while I cooked dinner
  • “look at me, Mommy, what’s going on here?” after I told him while we were at the vets office that we couldn’t leave until after the doctor saw Ginger

Apparently I need to pay attention to what I’m saying to him because that last phrase is one that I use often (since Gavin hardly ever pays attention to me unless he’s looking at me when I speak to him).  But his responses also tell me that he’s onto me and my sneaky parental ways (i.e. hiding vegetables in his meatloaf, making him pay attention to his toys while I sneak off to pee in solitude and silence)…darn.

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Madame Queen

The other day I asked Punkin’ why she did something (probably something very annoying) and she said “Ummm. Because.” I think we’re in for it once she gets to be a teenager! 🙂


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