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Can I Come Over? I Promise I Won’t Ruin the Carpet

Tootsie Farklepants at Vintage Thirty tagged me with this meme a while back. I had been keeping it in my draft for a rainy day. Not exactly rainy, but since I had family visiting this weekend, this has come in quite handy for ensuring I continue my daily posting for Downs Awareness. Four things you […]

I Heart You

I swear I have some of the best bloggy friends in the whole world. You guys are so sweet and so supportive (again). And frankly, in a really twisted way, it makes me feel a lot better that so many of you get the ridiculously overwhelmed feeling, too. Some days? This motherhood thing seems overrated. […]

What I’ve Learned and What I Wish

Okay, I finally got my act together to write this post after being tagged by Marcy at the Upstate Update, who was tagged by Anne at Archie’s Room, and if I read everything correctly, are participating in the Bring it Down 31 for 21.  I kept trying to figure out what I’d write, especially since […]

5 Things List, or Meme, or whatever-the-hell-this-is

I saw this over at Madame Queenand thought I’d give it a try, especially since I have NO idea what I’m doing and what a “meme” means, but saw that Thursday 13 is a meme (I would’ve called it a phenomenon myself) and this is supposedly a meme as well: 5 Things I was doing […]