5 Things List, or Meme, or whatever-the-hell-this-is

I saw this over at Madame Queenand thought I’d give it a try, especially since I have NO idea what I’m doing and what a “meme” means, but saw that Thursday 13 is a meme (I would’ve called it a phenomenon myself) and this is supposedly a meme as well:

5 Things I was doing 10 years ago:

1. still dating that numb-skull…the only really good thing to come out of that relationship was my cat, George; I wouldn’t be officially meeting my husband for another 10 months (although I knew who he was by sight because he was in Choir with me…a very large choir…and I thought his friend was cute).
2.  I was still in college at Ball State University and I finally decided on a major:  Religious Studies
3.  I was living in an apartment with my friend and sorority sister, Jen, and we liked to flirt with the boys across the hall from us
4.  I was driving a HUGE ’84 (maybe ’86?  can’t recall) Mercury Grand Marquis
5.  I was working at TWO restaurants, Target, and Osco Drug in the mall…oh, and I did classes full-time…somehow I still had time to drink with my friends

5 Things on my To-Do List Today:

1. Fold my laundry that is in the dryer and the clothes basket in the laundry room (saw that Madame Queen needed to do this, and reminded me that I do, too).
2. throw in a load of darks so that Gavin actually has some pants to wear (since there is NOOOOO way he wears anything twice without washing)
3. bathe Gavin before bed
4. don’t fall asleep at work (very cold in my office-area)
5. play with my new laptop that just arrived…if I’m really lucky, my husband hasn’t opened and defiled it yet…yes, it’s a PC and I’m sorry, I know I’m like the ONLY friggin’ blog not using a mac, but hell, if I don’t want to change

5 Snacks I enjoy:
1. Chips and guacamole
2. Pretzels and sweet tea
3. Cheese (sometimes on/with crackers, but often by itself)
4. Thin mint cookies
5. Nectarines

5 Things I would Do if I were a Billionaire:
1. Major Home Renovations:  Finish the basement, including the huge plasma TV that Justin wants, finish our transition to hardwood floors in the bedrooms (and replace the remaining carpeted areas), reface replace all my cruddy oak-looking cabinets with gorgeous maple ones (hell, I’m a billionaire, right?), replace the swing-set, repair our deck and fence, and replace our gigantor furnace and AC unit each with 2 smaller more efficient units.
2. Pay off the house
3. Replace my car…maybe the Hybrid Accord I’ve been looking at, or a nice Hybrid Lexus truck-thing-that-looks-like-a-Highlander. 
4. Pay off all my parents’ (mine are both remarried) and parent-in-laws’ homes.
5. Quit my job…stay home with my kids…hire a live-in housekeeper so that I can actually spend time with my kids instead of cleaning

5 of my Bad Habits:
1.  Procrastinating
2. Complaining instead of just doing something
3. Impulse buying (although I am getting better at that now that we have no money–see number 5 on my To-Do list)
4. Starting projects that I might not finish…often enough to know that I might not finish (i.e. how ’bout that baby blanket for my baby that is now 3-months old?  haven’t touched the yarn since I was in the hospital)
5. Zoning out while people are talking to me…this is a new bad habit…came about in the last 6 months…think some of it might be sleep deprivation…some of it might be brain damage from having 2 kids

5 Things I will Never Wear Again:
1. Shoulder pads
2. Big “New Jersey” bangs
3. Leg warmers
4. Ultra-low-rise jeans (hello, flabby post-baby belly!!!)
5. ill-fitting shoes “because they look cute”

2 Favorite Toys (don’t have time for more than 2; don’t have enough money for 5…LOL)
1. Computer
2. Cell phone

5 People I Tag: (since I’m new AND blonde, not sure exactly what it is to “tag”, since ot me, that’s either a children’s game, or a way of subdividing your categories)

1.  Justin

2. Maya of the Laurent Files (please don’t mix them up with the X Files…they are a very nice family)

3.  crud….

4.  hard one here….

5.  sorry, can only thing of 2 that would be or feel obligated to me in some sort of way (okay, Maya…don’t feel obligated; Justin, get ready for the guilt-trip, Honey)

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Madame Queen

Oh my gosh I am totally with you on the low rise jeans. I can’t buy much of anything at Old Navy anymore. I remember pushing Bubba and Punkin around the store in a cart and saying “Nope, these jeans are definitely not made for mommies.”


Oh no I have to come up with some of these! 🙂

Agree with the last comment…with you on the low rise jeans!


Quite impressive! In the time of 31 for 21, I would have turned that list into 8 entries! In fact, maybe I will…


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