Breathing like a Boston

Or a Bulldog, if you’re not familiar with Boston Terriers.

I got a call at 2pm from daycare on Friday requesting that I pick up the Coop-man because he had a lovely fever of 102 degrees.  I was surprised because when I dropped him off this morning, he was laughing and smiling at all his teachers…he laughed hysterically when I blew my hairdryer at him at home…he just seemed in a very good mood.

I walk in his room and he’s laying on one of the teacher’s lap, sweaty, red, half-naked, and listless.  Since it was chilly outside, I wrestled some pants and socks back on him and took him to the pediatrician.  There I sat, and sat, AND SAT, with all these bigger sick-and-nasty kids coughing on me and Cooper, touching his toys, and touching his face.  Normally I don’t mind because I know a lot of kids love babies, but I was annoyed because their mothers did nothing to peel their children carrying ADDITIONAL nasty germs from my kid that was already pretty sick.  Plus, I was annoyed that I was sitting so stinkin’ long.  I got there at 3:15pm and wasn’t called back until after 4pm.  Granted, my appointment was at 4pm, but at most places, if you get there early and before other folks, they bring you back early and before other folks.  Not the case…saw folks come in after me and go back before me.  And just when I started to feel like I was going to morph into a possessive 4-year old (“no, MY baby!  don’t touch!”) who thinks the world should be fair (“it’s MY turn!!!”), they called me back.

By then Cooper was crying unconsolably and pitifully…didn’t want to eat, didn’t want to be rocked, and certainly didn’t want to be stripped-down and poked and prodded.  Turns out that child’s fever jumped to 103.2.  So we got some Tylenol there, got a flu test, declared bacteria-and-flu-free, and sent home with the usual “fluids, humidifier, fever-reducer, but-don’t-you-dare-even-think-of-a-decongestant-or-anything-that-might-remotely-make-him-feel-and-sleep-better”.   I still hate whoever took infant decongestant from me.

So I have been spending a LOT of quality time with a baby who is so congested and miserable that he sits and breathes with his tongue hanging out slightly of his mouth, accompanied by a nice phlegmy rattle and snot dripping down his nose.

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Burgh Baby's Mom

Poor Coop! Sounding like a Boston is certainly not a good thing. I hope he’s feeling better soon.

Next time, you ought to go all Chuck Norris on the slimy, germy kids, btw.


Poor little guy, hope he’s feeling better soon. Sounds like what Micah had, and after sleeping for 2 days he managed to shake it. Here’s hoping Cooper will, too.


Poor little guy! Our pediatrician suggested giving Landon zyrtec and that worked well. I think it depends on the pediatrician for recommending infant decongestants, but the FDA has only banned the cough suppressants and multi-symptom cold medicine.

I hope he feels better soon!


Poor guy! Sick kids are so pitiful, and sometimes can give mom quite a scare! Hope he is feeling better soon.

What I want to know is how we all lived all those years with infant decongestants? I have given ALL my kids those meds, and all my kids are still alive. I often give my kids Children’s benedryl at night when they have a runny nose and sneezing. It dries them up a bit and they sleep better.


pssst…I have a little secret…

I gave him benedryl to dry up his nose a bit so that ALL of us could sleep…


Madame Queen

Poor Coop! At least it wasn’t the flu. You know, I’m pretty pissed at those people who took away our decongestants, too. I think, really, though that was just a way to try to ward off lawsuits. Unfortunately, the rest of us have to suffer. ***Shhh….I still occasionally give mine some too!…shhh****


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