Go Caps!

The Washington Capitals are tied with the Philadelphia Flyers three games each in the Stanley Cup Quarterfinals. Tonight is Game 7 in DC…where we meet for the last time. 

Philly Fryers 

Come on, Caps!  Beat those Philadelphia Fryers!  Send them home to their mamas!


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I’m SLOW – took me a minute to figure out the pic! Go Caps!
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What is going to be funny is when you put little penguins on the grill with beer cans up their butt. *giggle* *giggle*


Burgh Baby

Go Caps!

(I’m ignoring Justin since the little penguins have brooms they can use to swat the beer cans away. Who needs 7 games to bet Philthadelphia?)


Jesse–you can totally blame my poor Photoshop skills.
And Justin’s right…it will look pretty funny when I’ve got some Penguins up there on beer cans!
BBM–we are all about keeping the masses happy and on-edge. How boring to sweep a series!


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