I came, I saw, I kicked some…uh. Eh. I’ll start again.

I had a really really good time. I picked up some fun schwag and ate a ton of good food. I got to hang out with Caramama and ClumberKim all day. I picked up some interesting ideas while in the breakout sessions, did a YouTube interview with Playtex (yet to be posted, but check out the other bloggers’ interviews), and got to meet a ton of other women face-to-face, and I’d name them all except that I’m sure I’d forget someone. There were women from all age-ranges, levels of education, all levels on the bloggy star-level, and all levels of technology knowledge (I was definitely near the bottom in most categories…especially the tech knowledge since I couldn’t get online for the first half of the day). And while I was beyond excited to meet folks I’ve read/stalked/saw their comments on blogs I’ve been on, I was incredibly surprised to find that a few people recognized me! Hopefully they didn’t think too poorly of me when they saw me scarfing down mini-quiche after mini-quiche (holy crap, were those things good!). Or guzzling the coffee like some sort of fiend. Too bad I didn’t stay at the hotel again last night because they had an open bar and the wine was tasty (and the bartender generous…maybe he was thinking in a room full of tipsy ladies he might get lucky?).

Should finances allow, I’d love to go to “big” BlogHer next summer, too…but if not, I hope that they still do the Reach Out Tours because this was incredibly fun!

Oh, and if when I go again, I will remember to bring some business cards that only mention me/my blog. I only had my Cookie Lee business cards on-hand and used them to enter in the different raffles. Figured they would work since they have my name, my email, and my phone number on them on the extremely off-chance that I won something. And I did win something. A gorilla-pod from the fun folks at Saturn. Except that really, Cookie Lee won it because that’s whose name was announced. I yelled out “is there another name on the card?” but she didn’t hear me. By the time I thought to just walk up, too much time had passed and it would’ve been weird. Not that I’m not weird enough already, right?

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Madame Queen

So you didn’t get what you won? That’s too bad! It sounds like fun, though. I’m a sucker for those mini quiches, too!

BTW, I tagged you for a meme! 🙂


I had so much fun hanging out with you! Thanks for being my buddy throughout the day! I had a lot of fun too and look forward to going again next year.


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