Cooper Speaks (Day 4)

I don’t know how much of it is his age or the ear tubes or coincidence, but this child’s vocabulary has been literally exploding. I checked to see the words that Gavin was using around the same age and Cooper’s is far more expansive. Even his teachers have commented on how well he speaks and makes himself understood. There are days that I wonder if we had had Cooper first if we would’ve noticed Gavin’s speech delay sooner…but obviously nothing we can do now…just something I’ve wondered since we had no one to compare Gavin to except younger children.

So since I have been VERY lax about writing this down in a baby book (neither of my children have anything more than their names on their baby books, and they are now 4-1/2 yrs and almost 18 months), I figured I’d at least get it written down here to share with family and friends (in no particular order):

  • Mama
  • Dada
  • Da-deen (Gavin)
  • Jee-juh (Ginger)
  • Mug-gee (Maggie)
  • woof-woof (his word for dogs in general…or some animals whose sounds he doesn’t know/remember)
  • aw-dum (awesome)
  • bub bad (bubble bath, with sign language)
  • nigh-nigh (with sign language)
  • gi’ dow (get down, with sign language)
  • up
  • pee-pah (pizza)
  • nah-nuh (banana)
  • Em-moe (Elmo, usually accompanied with the “la la” part of the Elmo’s World song)
  • dee-dah (gorilla, we read Good Night, Gorilla at every nap and bed time)
  • tuck (truck)
  • curk (car…not sure where that last k sound comes from, but that’s how he says it)
  • pssss (oops)
  • no (said in his sassiest voice)
  • yeah
  • buh (book, with sign language)
  • buppy (bunny)
  • bimpy (binky)
  • bock (block)
  • appuh (apple, also used for other apple-sized foods, or red fruit, or the cardinal head on my Ball State sweatshirt)
  • die-puh (diaper)
  • cuh-cuh (cracker)
  • mouw (mouth)
  • nass (nose)
  • eye
  • bonk (his head…seriously wondering if he bonked it enough times that now he totally associates the verb with his skull…he won’t say “head”)
  • tee (teeth, often accompanied with the sign language for “brush teeth”)
  • beb (belly, as he grabs his stomach)
  • I ge’ too (I get you, as he drops the elbow on one of us)
  • habba buh-da (happy birthday…but he only says it if he sees a snowman, courtesy of Frosty the Snowman)
  • dan-doo (thank-you, with sign language)
  • aw-gahw (all gone, as he gives you his dishes and utensils)
  • la-loo (balloon)
  • dock (sock)
  • heh-yo dit-tay (hello, kitty)
  • cack-cuh (cracker)
  • doan-dah (snow man)
  • cack-cack (duck)
  • nnk-nnk (pig)
  • oooooo (cow, in Cooper’s world, most animals are only known by their sounds…he rarely says their name and instead insists that animal is called whatever sound it makes)

He also has a few words that he still signs but doesn’t speak (or very rarely speaks):

  • eat
  • drink
  • milk
  • more (as in more food)

I think by the time he’s Gavin’s age, he will be quoting long passages from Mel Brooks movies.

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I love it when the little ones start to talk. I wish I could relay what Danny says, because let me tell you, he cracks me up more than any of my other kids have. From the serious discussions while he’s on the potty, to occasional outbursts of Danny logic. Too cute!


Congrats Cooper! You must be so proud!

I was at Muffin’s dance lessons last night waiting for her class to finish when I saw a little girl around two years old just babbling her head off. I wish I had taken more time to write some of Muffin’s cute words down. You’ll be glad to have kept this record!

swirl girl

Oh my – how adorable!

My older one used to say ‘wad-dot’ (water) and ‘flo-dot’ (flower) and we thought it was so cute and encouraged it! She is 9 now, and sometimes just says the words like that to get the ‘aaaawwww’ out of us. And – it works.

Colleen - Mommy Always Wins

Major cuteness!

I think my little guy has gotten frustrated with his lack of communication skills – cuz he’s started to make up a language of his own. He walks around going “mljlmlmljljlmlmlmlmlml” (it sounds a lot like meow-meow-meow). If you interrupt him, he’ll tell you “SHHHH!” or “TOP IT!”

I wonder what they’d say if they “talked” to each other?


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