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Nolan’s Birth Story

Wow…has it already been over two three weeks since Nolan was born? I know I’ve been deep within the post-partum fog, but it seems that time has flown even faster with all the breast feeding, the bilirubin tests, matching Nolan to orange and yellow paint samples, and people in the house helping out. Justin usually […]

A Re-Post and Follow-Up of Sorts

In light of Sarcastic Mom’s Breastfeeding Carnival, I’m offering up the link to my BF’ing story for anyone who’d like to read it again or for anyone who missed it. As a follow up, I continued to pump 2-3 times per day at work until January. By then I was tired of going into a […]

Thursday 13…Adventures in Breastfeeding

Thought I would document some of the more interesting things I’ve experienced or done while breastfeeding: positive, negative, and just plain weird (and I could give you a whole run-on about the relativity of weirdness, but we’ll save that for another day, or at least until I can properly give credit the to guy I first […]

The Great Breast Fest (see fun little boobie button ovah dere—–>)

In honor of today, the Great Breast Fest, or the Virtual Nurse-In, I have posted a ridiculously conservative photo of me nursing my nearly-3-month old.¬† I wish I was bolder, but I’m not.¬† But I TOTALLY¬†believe if there are women out there that are comfortable nearly flashing their nips in an attempt to help bring […]