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I think I just might have a quiet, work-free 4-day weekend. Which translate to some blog-reading, maybe a little writing, and definitely a little dabbling in the Plurk and Twitter worlds! And more book reading (which is what I’ve been doing before bed to help quiet my brain enough to sleep, especially on the nights […]

Fantasy Football Week 9

Yeah, I’m a bit behind on keeping all of you up with the status of our Plurk Junkies League. Sadly, you would’ve thought with me trying to post every day in October that these updates would be no-brainers. Well, you’d be correct with the “no brain” part… The rest of it I will blame on […]

Fantasy Football, Week 5

Yeah, I know I’m late since technically tomorrow is Week 6, but I’m feeling a bit brain-dead and want to stick to my goal to post every day this month for Downs Awareness. So thanks to Santana Moss and Larry Johnson getting BIG FAT GOOSE EGGS I lost to Kim (seriously men, did you forget […]


I’ve got some stuff to share real quick: Tuesday (7th) is Justin’s birthday. I wanted to make sure it was out there so that you can all razz him about getting older. I mean, come on, this guy remembers watching “The Million-Dollar Man”. I remember catching a few reruns on channels that specialize in replaying […]

Fantasy Football, Week 4

Dude. I don’t know what happened, but somehow I got the highest point total this week (whoo-hoo! *does cabbage-patch, the sprinkler, and raises the roof*), but uh, Kim’s undefeated OK Clumberjacks are still beating the pants off of all of us. And Janet’s Bear Necessities are also running around undefeated. And due to Drew Brees, […]