Fantasy Football, Week 4

Dude. I don’t know what happened, but somehow I got the highest point total this week (whoo-hoo! *does cabbage-patch, the sprinkler, and raises the roof*), but uh, Kim’s undefeated OK Clumberjacks are still beating the pants off of all of us. And Janet’s Bear Necessities are also running around undefeated. And due to Drew Brees, Larry Johnson, and Tennessee’s Defense, I have moved up to 5th place. Love them guys. Hope they stay healthy for me this weekend since I will be up against the Clumberjacks. No pressure…no pressure…find my happy place….

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By the way, have you noticed the new look? It’s to celebrate my first year! And at this “birthday” YOU can get a present…a $25 VISA giftcard!!! Read here for details on how to win!

Also, one of the players in the Plurk Junkies FFB League, Burgh Baby’s Mom, is running the last few hours? minutes? (depends on how quick I can get this thing published) of her fundraiser for the PA 9/11 Memorial. Read about her efforts, then read here to see what you can win. What are you waiting for? go GO GO!

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I’m going, I’m going!
Love the puffin up there in the masthead! And…
I don’t know enough about fantasy football to fill a thimble, but I’m hoping you win the whole shindig!

Madame Queen

Look at your new site!! And I missed your blogoversary! That’s what happens when I get swamped at work and don’t have time to read blogs. Happy Blogoversary!


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