Cooper has been walking independently for about a month now. He now runs at full tilt…literally. He has that gait going where his head is about 4-6 inches in front of his feet, and somehow he’s not ended up on his face more often. He’s also signing more and trying to speak more, and has been more clingy lately. He particularly is clingy to me. When he wants me to pick him up, particularly while I’m making dinner, he’ll hug the back of my legs and moan and whine, and sometimes, will stomp his feet (which

Last night, as I was preparing dinner, he started the whole leg hugging and moaning and fussing. I turned towards him so I could speak to him and console him, telling him that I’m making his food and I’ll pick him up in a few minutes. He reached up, started saying “ip, ip” over and over. He started bouncing up and down on his feet and making pinching motions, trying to grab onto me so that he could scale me like some sort of monkey. And then he pinched me. Hard. On my crotch. Silly me, I thought once I had recovered from childbirth I wouldn’t get anymore pain there from either of my kids.

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Last night my little one curled up next to me while I was watching the VP debate. He stuck his hand under my shirt and asked if I felt him rubbing my stomach. I said yes. Then his hand started roaming up and I though, “God! You’re just like your father!!”


Hahaha! That is hilarious. (Sorry, also! That couldn’t have felt great.)

Cooper is so cute. I’m impressed he hasn’t fallen on his face… Alex wont stop.

Tranny Head

Yikes! That’s intense.

Sumo’s all “UP UP UP UP UP” all the time, too. Well – except when he wants to chase the poor cat and/or run out into traffic!


Yeah, but he’s so cute you couldn’t possibly hold it against him! Did he ever bruise your boob when nursing? Talk about hurt!


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