First Bloggoversary!

Yep. One year since I started. Can you believe it? I originally started blogging just to have an outlet for some of my thoughts and in the process I met a lot of new people from all over and made several friends. You guys got me through going back to work after having Cooper, all the adjustments needed to wrangle two kids, breastfeeding challenges, colic, Justin working on his PMP certification, and all of you tolerated me through a really rough summer. For that, I thank you.

Since all of your love and support and laughs in the past year have meant so much to me, I am doing a giveaway: until midnight (er, 11:59pm ET) Monday, October 6th, leave a comment on this post telling me which post was your favorite (archives are to your right…wait, no, I moved them to the left side). I will then throw all of those comments into the random generator and the winner will get a $25 Visa Giftcard!!! And yes, you may enter more than once–each of your comments will be a separate entry. I will announce the winner on October 7th.

Oh, and you might have noticed that I’ve made a few changes. It’s not 100% of what I wanted…bit of a fixer-upper, but once I figure out how to change some style stuff I think I’ll have what I’m looking for. I’m completely open to suggestions or issues you’ve come across. Thanks again for such a fun year!

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This is a blog where I will share my adventures and mundane tasks as a work-out-of-home-mom. I now have 2 kids and my wonderful husband, so the juggling has gotten a little bit more tricky (man-on-man defense). We also have 2 dogs and 3 cats (we used to have 4) so as you can imagine, our household is pretty busy. Since I never feel like I'm being listened to, I figured I'll just start talking at the general Internet community and see what happens.



I’m going to have to immerse myself deep into some Wine Country… then I’ll be back with my fav!

You are way cooler with yours, as opposed to mine, which was two days ago… who would of thought that we both thought of blogging at the same time.

Weird. Or kind of cool.

I like what you have done with the place, by the way, and I am thinking of doing a makeover myself.

Happy Anniversary to you!!


I’d have to go with the 13 Things I Never Though I’d Experience As A Mother as well. Any mom can relate to that, and it’s just hysterical.

Of course, the photo of Justin sleeping on the couch at Mother’s Day, holding himself in fear, is also good. 😉


WOW. You really changed up the look. Very … corporate. I was thinking I’d change my template today, to move to a three column format. This is interesting. 🙂

Happy Blogiversary!!!


My favorite posts have been the ones where you talk about your transportation issues, or the adversaries you face in your commutes. 🙂 Takes me back to much simpler times. Ones I don’t care to repeat. 🙂


Ooh, new look! How exciting!

And Happy bloggiversary!

I have only been reading you for a short while, but I loved “Some More Updates” (where Gavin drew a picture of himself with Cooper!)


Happy anniversay!! You’re an awesome blogger, and I’m thrilled to have met you 🙂
Thanks for keeping the Safe Haven info up!!


Happy Bloggoversary!!!

I’ve been reading you for a while now, and I love a lot of posts you’ve written. But honestly I think my favorite of all is the <a href=””one about Cooper’s ear surgery. I’ve never been through that experience, but you brought me right there with you. And it helps that it ends on a good note. 😉


I’ve never been a big fan of traditional “makeovers” but getting makeovers for our blogs is F-U-N!!! Happy anniversary!


Oh yeah, I was SOOOOOOOOOOOO glad when you shared “whos-got-the-heebie-jeebies.” All the rash links were a nice touch!

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Loved the ones about the success of the ear tubes. Glad that things are better!


“Six (yes, only 6) of my Quirks” purely for the constipation paranoia admission!


Okay, I’m back. I will admit that I didn’t read every single post of yours, but I did read quite a few – heck I almost even made a comment or two, anyway, I enjoyed reading your letters while driving. I could so make that a regular feature here, that’s for sure. 🙂

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This is so easy for me, pretty much any Cooper post. Why? Because this is how we connected, our sons. They are only weeks apart in age.

Cooper’s First B-day post–the birth story is one of my faves . . . YES, apparently I have yet to read enough birth stories to get sick of them.

Congrats on your one year!


I was just looking back over posts and saw “Doody Calls” and laughed out loud again.


I’m going to have to enter again, because I loved the one where Cooper feeds the dogs again. That video was too cute!

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