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I think I just might have a quiet, work-free 4-day weekend. Which translate to some blog-reading, maybe a little writing, and definitely a little dabbling in the Plurk and Twitter worlds! And more book reading (which is what I’ve been doing before bed to help quiet my brain enough to sleep, especially on the nights that I have to work).

The other night I was reading Gavin a story before bed. The dogs were playing in his room and I kept smelling a nice, odorous, dog-fart smell. At the end of the story, I closed the book and said, “phew! what’s that smell? Did you toot, Gavin?”
Very seriously he answered, “nooo.”
So I ask him, “do you think it was the dogs? Did the dogs toot?” and he turns and looks at me, completely serious, and replies, “I think it was my ear.”
“What? Your ear?” (I’m fighting back the giggles cuz where did that come from?)
“yeah…I think my ear stinks.” At that point I couldn’t hold back the giggles and we both fell over on his bed laughing at his stinky ear.

Normally when I go to put Cooper’s coat on, all I have to say is “bye bye?” and he comes running to get his coat on, chanting “bye bye bye bye bye”. But for the past two weeks? That little stinker gets a twinkle in his eye and bolts the other direction, laughing so hard he nearly falls down. Most times he’s still giggling by the time I tackle him to wrestle his big ol’ puffy bubble coat on him. Poor kid looks like a bowling ball with legs by the time I get him in his coat.

I not only won this week in Fantasy Football, but I do believe I was the point winner for the week. I still squishy-heart Drew Brees…cute, talented, and seems to be an all-around nice guy. And he was at Purdue during many of the same years friends of mine were there…and while I was at Ball State.

Which, speaking of Ball State…I just watched them smash Western Michigan to complete their dream of a perfect, undefeated season: 12-0. How incredibly exciting!!! I think it’s a testament to the team and Coach Brady Hoke that even after star-player Dante Love suffered a serious spinal injury, that the team continued to work hard. It shows that all of them are star players. I’m so proud of them.

I don’t know about you, but this makes me want to get up and dance.

Also, note my St. Jude button in my upper left-hand sidebar…it will take you directly to St. Jude’s site for info regarding donations, what diseases they treat, and tons of other stuff. Of course, all of you are more than welcome to order gifts and stocking stuffers online via my virtual fundraiser, or stop by in person on December 14th.

If I don’t hear from any of you, or I’m lame and forget to post before then, have a wonderful, safe, and tasty Thanksgiving!!!

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swirl girl

Glad you’re feeling better.

Oh- and you should get one of our favorite bed time stories called
“Walter, the Farting Dog” , funny with great illustrations.
My girls laugh their patooties off.


Love the stories! So, did his ear stink? Surely you sniffed it to make sure!

Congrats on winning your game this week.

Happy Thanksgiving!


My fantasy team(s) have gone the way of the Broncos… NOT GOOD. I might not even make the consolation bracket!

Quick question for you… Why did it seem that Ball State was playing all of their games on Tuesdays? It just seemed weird.

Glad to see you back at it, have a great Thanksgiving!!


Wow, I haven’t been here in a while and I am sorry! I been BUSY.
That’s great about Ball State and if the little stinker keeps on running from and ducking mommy like that he’s a shoe in for the team!
So did you ever sniff the “stinky air”?

Madame Queen

A stinky ear?!? Have you given that kid a bath lately?! That’s the funniest thing I”ve heard in ages. The crazy stuff kids come up with.


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