Fantasy Football, Week 5

Yeah, I know I’m late since technically tomorrow is Week 6, but I’m feeling a bit brain-dead and want to stick to my goal to post every day this month for Downs Awareness.

So thanks to Santana Moss and Larry Johnson getting BIG FAT GOOSE EGGS I lost to Kim (seriously men, did you forget to eat your Wheaties?). She and Janet are still undefeated! But nothing I can do about that this week. Instead, I am pitted against Colleen (yes, there are TWO of us on the same league…how cool!) and her Fighting Donkeys. I’m going to give those braying beasts a run for their money. Colleen versus Colleen; the I’m-barely-Irish versus the I’m-not-too-sure-if-she’s-Irish-cuz-I-don’t-quite-know-her-that-well-yet; Short Blonde versus Tall Blonde; Mommy of two boys versus Mommy of two boys. It should be awesome to see. Or so I hope since 4 of my players (including my Defense) are on a bye this week. I’m still scrambling to ensure I have the right number of people starting tomorrow. Also, I have to give props to our points-winner for the week, Jenn and her Rickrollers, for not only beating everyone with her 109 points for the week, but also clinching her first win!

Thank you again, Yahoo!

Oh, at tomorrow afternoon? Or evening? I will be driving up to stay in my hotel room for BLOGHER-DC!!!!!!!! I’m not sure if I’m more excited to be meeting bloggers I have been reading, and getting some good info about blogging (so that maybe I can step things up around this place); OR….being able to sleep in a bed uninterrupted by anyone or anything, eating a few meals in a row uninterrupted, and being able to use a vacation day for something that doesn’t involve sick children and/or cleaning my house–you know, for me. I’m just going to say both lines of thought are making me deliriously happy right now. ‘Scuse me while I squeeeeeeeee!

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