Stupid Best Buy

Went to Best Buy to look for a b-day gift for Justin last weekend and had both kids with me. I try to get one of those little carts they have just so that I can give my back a break from hauling around Cooper. I yank on a cart and it’s stuck on the next one. So I mess with it, jiggle it a bit, have Gavin pull on one cart while I fiddle with the other to let go. The way the carts were set up I would have to pull those two completely out to see if I could get the next one, and since there are no guarantees the next one wasn’t stuck to its neighbor, Gavin and I just kept fighting with the two carts in front of us, all while Cooper is moaning and whining and becoming difficult to hold. This whole while the guy at the door checking for folks coming in for returns, or who set off the alarm while leaving, is just watching me struggle. Didn’t offer to help, didn’t call someone else over to help. Nothing. So once we got our cart freed and I got the kids situated, I gave him my dirtiest look that I typically save for the most obnoxious people I come in contact with. I felt a lot better when he looked away shamefully.

I won’t go into the cashier who started ringing out the next customer before I had even stepped away from her counter with my crazed toddler trying to hurl himself out of the cart and my preschooler not hanging onto the end of the cart properly, so that he nearly fell and busted his skull. Stupid Best Buy.

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Tranny Head

Man – I gotta force Sumo into the stroller in places like that. It sucks because he screams when he’s in the stroller, but I just can’t hold him anymore when he does that “lunge towards the ground” thing to indicate that he wants to get down. I totally feel your pain.

What a jackass to just watch you struggle and offer nothing. I wish I could say I don’t know what that’s like, but sadly, I do.

Oh – and as for the dirty looks? I’m a professional! 🙂


Seems to be a common theme across the world. Stoopid heads. Hope they develop a case of the screaming haemorrhoids. Arsehats


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