Okay…not quite.

But we have a TOOTH!!!! Twelve days after his first birthday; this child of mine even surpassed my late toothedness…I got my first tooth a week prior to my first birthday.

I don’t have photographic evidence yet, partly because anything that comes close to Cooper’s mouth goes in it, including cameras; and partly because I found it as I was putting him to bed this evening. Plus, Justin is way better at those close-ups and Lord knows he needs to get in on some of this teething action cuz I am about up to my ears in fussy kid stuff.

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Congratulations! Be careful! Remember what we have just recently learned from the Trannyhead/Sumo household. There is nothing that is not worthy to bite on.

Burgh Baby

Oye! That took forever! Alexis had a full mouth already at that age. I guess that’s what happens when they start getting teeth at 4 months. Makes for some fun times with breastfeeding, let me tell ya’.


sounds like my kid. Everyone was always asking, “where are his teeth” I used to want to say, “Gee I guess he left his falsies at home.” We were 11.5 mos with tooth #1.


Wow! Congrats on the first tooth! Alex has 8! And is working on his molars 🙁 He got his first tooth at 4 months (a little less) and had 6 by 7 months of age! Those were NOT fun months. Like burgh baby said, especially with the nursing. Ack.

Yay first tooth!


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