Prayers Needed, Please

Justin’s Uncle Thom, whom doctors originally thought had some sort of inner-ear infection, went into the ER last week for worsening symptoms (dizziness, etc.). An MRI discovered a brain tumor and the neurosurgeon felt it necessary to operate, due to the location. The surgery went well, pathology came back negative for cancer, and initially recovery seemed to be good, but some complications occurred and now his prognosis is looking grim. So if all of you out would just please put out a quick prayer for Thom, his wife and family, and all the extended family that are all traveling to be at Thom’s side, I’m sure they would greatly appreciate it during this tough time.

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Will do. I pray that God is holding him and his family gently in His arms and helping to give them comfort through this difficult time. Also for you and Justin.


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