Fantasy Football, Week 3

Plurk Junkies, it’s time to quit fartin’ around and start going after Kim and her ridiculously high-scoring OK Clumberjacks. While Janet’s Bear Necessities are tied with the Clumberjacks for number of wins, the Clumberjacks have a whopping 117 point lead! Technically, Holly’s Heffalumps and Woozles are only down 25 points from the Clumberjacks, but her Week-1 loss to the Clumberjacks is holding her in third place. It will be interesting to see the outcome of this weekend since Janet and Holly are playing against each other, and, uh, no pressure on Burgh’s Bruisers, but you’re up against Kim this weekend—a rumble in the ‘Burgh, such as it is.

As for my Big Whiners? Considering Sarah stole my Bears Defense from me during the draft, her Goon Squad is only beating me by 2 points—a rumble in NoVA.
(And I’m glad that New England has a bye for Week-4 because my Tight End got more points than Randy Moss. *grumbles and shakes fist northward*)

Everyone else is doing great and I hope you’re having a good time.

(click to enlarge…stats compiled by Yahoo Fantasy Football and made into a purdy image by me)

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Last, but not least – me.

It’s the Tom Brady curse. I wholly swear on it. Benny isn’t helping. My whole team is a letdown.


You’re not mad because I came through on Monday night and beat you now, are you? At least I’m highlighted as ‘great’ 🙂

How’s Cooper doing?


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