Lovely Monday…Day 17

I woke up a bit nervous, since today was Gavin and Cooper’s first day at their new daycare. I got the boys up and ready…reminded Gavin that we were going to his “New Classroom” today, and he responded “okay, Mommy” and got dressed.

What? No arguing? No pouty face? No whining that he didn’t want to go to a new school?

I did, still, have to remind him that he couldn’t go naked, since I found him buck-naked on the floor playing with some toys. He complained he was cold and that’s why he wasn’t getting dressed. Oh, to be four and a half again.

We get to school, and as pre-arranged by Gavin, we both brought Cooper to his classroom where my outgoing toddler hid in my armpit. We eventually plied him with some yogurt, banana, and toast, which he picked-at while giving the teachers the Evil Eye.

Then I heard something I never thought I’d ever hear: Gavin turned to me and said, “I want to go to MY classroom now.”

I’m sure my eyes popped out of my head.

I glanced up at the teacher, who was one of Gavin’s at the old school when he was in the 10-15 month class, and she scooped up Cooper to show him the playground so we could make our getaway.

We walked down the hall and met one of Gavin’s teachers…a very pretty gal a little younger than me greeted us and Gavin was smitten. I’m not sure he tasted his breakfast as he looked and smiled at her dreamily. I asked him if he was good (our code phrase for “can Mommy leave, please?”), he said he was, and went back to staring dreamily at his new teacher.

When I picked them up about two hours later, I got great reports from both sets of teachers. Both boys got pretty comfortable right away, ate well, were curious about their surroundings, and participated in activities. Added bonus was that one of Gavin’s new teachers was also one he had at the old school in the 10-15 month class, and he said he remembered her! He seemed very comfortable with her (he probably hasn’t seen her in about three years…but she was his favorite when he was in that class).

We ran to Target (cuz I was twitching from withdrawl…hadn’t been there in like 5 days), and as we were walking up to the building, Gavin told me “I love my new school and classroom.” I actually teared-up. I was so happy to hear that come out of his mouth because I was really really anxious about how he’d handle the change. And I realized that was one of the longest and complex sentences he’d ever said to me (well, besides when he’s babbling on and on and on about Wall-E or why he shouldn’t take a nap). I think I feel more comfortable that he will be ready, speech-wise, for kindergarten.

After naptime, we had a well-visit for Cooper. He’s now 32 inches tall, 24 lbs 10 oz, and his big ol’ cranium hitting at 49 cm around. The doctor was concerned that he gained less than a pound from his 15-month visit, but I reminded her that Justin and I are hardly big people. That and Cooper often eats as much as a grown man.

As I was writing this post, I got a call from Justin. He is finally in Anchorage! I was so happy to hear his voice…though I kept giggling at the Alaskan accent he picked-up (he was all “I wuz ooout and abooout in da snoow”). I just can’t wait till he’s home Wednesday afternoon. It will be good to have him here again…the boys have missed him so much. Plus, I need him to keep the kids downstairs and let me sleep-in on Saturday for my birthday.

So after a rough few days…today was a REALLY good day.

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I’m so happy to hear about the seamless school transition! I know you must be so very very relieved. I’m sure that talking to your husband made the day extra wonderful. The end is in sight! Hang in there!


My girl was almost exactly the same; 32 inches and 24 lbs and 14 ozs. Of course, that was at her 12 month well baby. She REALLY needs to learn to walk. And, well, a head circumference that put her over the 99th. We apparently breed ’em big!

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