Day 4 of 17: Where I Blow a Fuse

Literally and figuratively.

Tuesday I worked from home because Justin’s mom was driving in to stay with the kids and I for a few days. I ran the vacuum on the main floor and brought it upstairs, embarassing as it is to admit, has not been vacuumed in quite some time. I swear I had been meaning to, and really the vacuuming was Justin’s chore of choice, so I blame him for our disgusting carpet up there since he keeps leaving town.

Anyways, I plug it in, hit the power button and I get a half-hearted whirling noise that lasts all of a second. Uh oh. I try agaiin and get no response. “Great”, I think, “now I get to take a trip to the vacuum guy”. But for some reason I try a different outlet and presto it works. I run it through Gavin’s room and back out in the hallway where I hear a noise that sounds like the smoke detector. And I panic because my brain finally puts two and two together…that the non-working outlet from 5 minutes prior might have a short and the wiring is smoldering the wall.

I turn off the vacuum, and look carefully at the outlet. There is a a dark mark on the outlet cover, so I feel the wall. Thankfully it’s cool. I don’t smell anything, either. At that point I hear the smoke detector again, but I realize it’s not the smoke detector, but the carbon monoxide detector. And it’s angry that its power-source has been interrupted. In-between the CO detector beeping, I hear the baby monitor in the family room and my bedroom beeping because they’ve lost connection with the unit in Cooper’s room. That unit isn’t even plugged into the outlet sharing the wall with the hallway, so I realize it’s a blown fuse. It seems that even the house was shocked I was cleaning. You can also hire cleaning services, if you’re not a fan of cleaning.

So after a lot of nervous giggling in front of the fuse box (I’ve gotten shocked from an old lamp before–the anticipation of getting shocked again made me all tingly), I flipped the switch to reconnect the circuit and finished vacuuming. Now I have even more reason to make Justin do the vacuuming!

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