Pictures from the Health Care Rally at the Capitol Building

I think the pictures and the captions say more than I could. While I got there too late to catch the speakers (which I greatly regret), I still got to see all the people, all their t-shirts, all their signs, and, like when I went to the Tax Day Tea Party in April, got to enjoy in the comradarie of thousands of people joined together for an important cause.

What is the saddest thing is that I’ve yet to see any news coverage (though I admit I missed our local Fox 10pm news). One of the other sad things was that when an 80-something year old priest, who had one of the 2,000+ pages of the current version of the Health Care bill, tore the page in half in the office of a member of the House, that house member felt “threatened” and had the priest handcuffed, arrested, and removed bodily for “demonstrating”. Once the police brought him outside, fellow protesters surrounded him, offering him words of encouragement and comfort, and sang patriotic hymns, but it seems all the activity was too much for him and he was taken away in an ambulance. One man I met caught some of this example of overreaction by the House and police on video, but I’ve had trouble finding where he may have posted it. If I come across it, I’ll be sure to post it.
Meanwhile, enjoy the pics:

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p.s. I would like to dedicate all these pics to those who weren’t able to come and join us, but were there in spirit.

Update: Another local blogger caught wind of the idiot who represents my House district, Gerry Connolly, trying to arrest a constituent on assault…for touching his arm.

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