It’s another boy!

From what I can tell, with all my layman’s knowledge of radiology, the baby seems healthy. I’m also basing that assumption on the fact that I did NOT hear any “hmmmm’s” or “uh-oh’s” or sucking in of breath that might indicate the sonographer saw something bad or unusual. Of course, we’ll find out for certain after the radiologist looks at all the images, and my OB looks at them all and they make their final educated guess. The sonographer did mention the baby was measuring bigger than my current due date of May 23rd, and that the measurements were suggesting a due date of May 17th (a mere two days prior to my original due date of the 19th). However, again, the doctor will need to decide if they will move my date back now that this little boy is measuring 2 days bigger than the calendar-calculated due date like his older brothers did. I sure hope she does decide to push back the due date because this kid appears to be on-track to be another 8+ pounder.

Meanwhile, I’m thinking of soothing my mild disappointment with a little retail therapy. Considering how many hand-me-downs this boy is destined to get, I’d like for him to have a few new items bought just for him.

p.s. I promise to add in scans of the sonogram pictures as soon as I can get my scanner to cooperate.

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Boys are good, I have four! 🙂 I shouldn’t have to cut my lawn for at least another twenty years, and I am an equal opportunity kind of dad, so the girls get to join that fun as well. 🙂

Congratulations, and remember that Roger is not a common name, but it is a good one. 😉


On my mom’s side, there are 10 great-grandchildren in Taylor’s generation. Only 1 is a boy. As much as I would love to change that, I’m pretty convinced our next will be a girl, as well. If my prediction comes true, perhaps we could arrange a swap? Congratulations on growing a healthy baby. And hey, no weddings to pay for… that’s something, right?


Another boy? What were you thinking? Talk to that husband of yours about falling down on the job, woman. 🙂

I always wanted six boys.


We have family friends who have five boys. When pregnant with the fourth and fifth, the mom would say that she actually was hoping for boys because she knew what to do with them.

Congrats on the baby. Sorry it’s not a girl, but three boys is exciting and will be a joy. Enjoy your shopping!


Congrats! On the bright side, you will remain Queen of the House. I’d get your Tiara permanently installed ASAP. 🙂 xoxo


Congratulations on another boy! Gender disappointment is hard – but that retail therapy sure helps! I can’t wait to hear that your little one has arrived!

Kelley @ Magnetoboldtoo

Believe me when I say, boys are waaaaaaaaay easier.

No bitching catfights.
No changing outfits every five minutes.
No ‘I’m so fat I need to diet’

AND that is all before they hit puberty.


Congrats on boy #3.

If you are taking suggestions, May 22 is a good day to be born on. 🙂


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