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Things That Freak Me Out

just in case you needed a list… So, I’ve been off the radar a bit, as we’ve had a lot going on around…most of which happens on a constant basis, but it’s the fun, tiny details which make it that much harder at times, right? As usual, Justin’s been out of town…that so-call four-week project […]

Phew! I Voted!

And I am relieved that this 2-year long campaign is DONE! With living in a Battleground State, I am exhausted by the sheer volume of ads and rhetoric and political rally visits. Dude…Obama’s ill-timed rallies in my area have screwed up my commute home on more than one occasion. No joke. McCain’s and Palin’s visits […]

Just Wondering

Has anyone else out there every blown their nose so hard they nearly crapped their pants? No? Just me?…..stupid cold.