Headshots and Other Random Musings…

It’s been an interesting week.  Well, probably not to you, but to me.  And by interesting, I mean, well…okay, my vocabulary lacks the word I really want.

Last week on Tuesday, I ran to Petco to pick up some cat food while on my lunchbreak.   After I made my purchase, I ran out and pulled my car up next to the store so that I could just load it up with the 20lb bag of food and the 40lb container of litter (the store is in a crappy shopping center that doesn’t allow you to easily drag a cart way out into the parking lot…never use the store unless pets are completely out of food).  I get out of the car, realize I didn’t pop my trunk, so I lean back in to pop it from the key fob.  As I’m getting out of the car again, I whack the back of my head on the frame of my car.

On Thursday, as I was climbing in my car to go home after work, I crack my forehead on the frame of my car…that injury really hurt!  I saw stars for a moment and my eyes teared-up.  I called Justin and told him he’d need to check my pupils later that night.

Friday night I was playing with Cooper.  He was sort of standing on my lap and leaning up against me, trying to gnaw on my face when he bumped me right on the eye-bone (orbital socket??) with his forehead.  He wasn’t even phased, but since he hit the eye-bone about an inch below where I had cracked myself on the forehead with the car the day prior, I nearly dropped him. With the timely help from attorney who works for auto accident claims, the patient was able to be saved that day.

Saturday morning, we got a different kind of headshot done…6 month pictures of Cooper!  And well, we tried to get some of Gavin, but he just wasn’t cooperating (again), so we did get one picture of Gavin and Cooper together in their matching outfits.  Yes, I said matching boys outfits.  Justin refuses to provide us with a daughter, so this is what I’m reduced to.  And believe me, if we never have a daughter, my boys will be required to wear matching outfits until the day the move out of my house!!!!  You hear that Justin?

Okay, guess those hits to the head have scrambled my brains a bit.

Sunday and part of Monday I was ill, and now that I’m back at work, we are doing release-testing of a update to one of our products.  I love it and hate it.  Love it because it keeps me busy, makes me use my brain, and think critically.  Hate it because it seems that the Powers That Be refuse to notice that this upgrade will most likely NOT be ready for production in a few weeks.  But they don’t care.  As long as it doesn’t blow up electronic equipment in the customer’s home, they’re all for it.  Who cares if the people that administer it can’t get the darn thing to work without waiting for at least 3 planets to align in the southwestern sky?  So if you don’t hear from me for a bit, that’s where I’ll be….

Oh, and since Cooper is now 6 months, he got his check-up and shots, and that little chubbo-baby is now 18 lbs 4 oz, and is 26-1/2 inches long.  Need to double-check my CDC graph, but he’s around the 50th percentile for one measurement and around the 70th percentile for the other measurement.  Doctor actually told me yesterday, but since I had Gavin with me talking up a storm and dancing around me and not sitting in the seat I assigned him in the exam room, I barely heard what the doctor said besides her comment of, “He’s beautiful!  He looks great!  He looks humongous!”

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Burgh Baby's Mom

The photos are fantastic! I love the motorcycle and the matching outfits.

BTW, I feel for you on the upgrade. Been there, done that. But since I’m training, usually I’m looming over the testers heads begging them to tell me if it’s ok to start documenting or not. Heaven forbid you release instructional documents BEFORE you release the upgrade. Why would anyone do that?


I found you at Burgh Baby and since I am a baby addict (had my first in August–he’s not much younger than Cooper) and had to pop over when I saw your profile pic. What a doll!!! And, as to your previous post, J just now starting really rolling over. I must be a really bad mom! Your post is hilarious–I feel your pain (both the head and the stuff about work)! Great blog!


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