Attention All Potential Kindergarten Teachers

Ladies (and Gents, I suppose…never saw a male kindergarten teacher besides Kindergarten Cop),

 I now have the foolproof way of determining if you should go into your chosen line of work:  see how many five year-olds you can take on at one time!


So if you can take on like 18 or more, I think you’ll be a fine asset to this country’s educational system.


Oh, I’m sure some of you are wondering how I could take on so many little people at once when I, myself, am fairly small.  I’m wiley!  That, and I’m pretty certain that I would have no problem picking up one of the kids and throwing that child at the others.

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These things just crack me up. Like, why would anyone need to take on a horde of kindergarteners in a serious life and death situation anyway?

I could take on 13. But would never use one as a shield.

Madame Queen

I’m with BBM! It wouldn’t tell me, would only let me look at their social networking stuff. Grrr! I’m seriously impressed at your score as well as Karen’s. Based on my answers I’m thinking that my number would be pretty low!


oh, Justin can take on 22…but that’s partly because his reach is longer than mine, he has martial arts experience, and will pile-drive any child in his path…if it doesn’t happen to him first!


does the test take into account that some people chose to employ their skills of bribery when taking on five year olds? Sometimes I feel like bribery is not only necessary, but justified 🙂


I just got a 23! Whoo-Hoo, better than Justin! And, I only put fight hard enough to win and only if attacked first. I must have been all my other excellent qualifications. I knew I went into the wrong profession…


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