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Folks, I have never in my excruciating short career as a blogger received an award, but I am WAY more excited to present the following award to Maya at Laurent Files:

Awarded to Maya

Well, unless you count that Justin gave me this award so that I could give it to Maya…then I am truly excited that I got something. But still…very excited to give this to Maya because she really is AWESOME.
Remember this post? Well, Maya remembered item number 7 and made and mailed some homemade chex mix to me! All the way from Indiana!!! And she sent the sweetest note along with it. And it was packaged in a cute quart-size snack container! So Maya, THANK YOU very much for my chex mix. And yes, you’re right, it is my call whether or not I share with Justin, but I did not have a say whether or not Gavin got any. I opened the box, and while I was reading your note and marveling over your thoughtfulness and generosity, that little stinker ate several handfuls and proclaimed it, “gooood!” with precious chex mix crumbs flying out of his mouth. I managed to swipe the rest of the container and place it out of his eyesight so that I can carefully ration it out. To myself.

Oh, and sorry that I don’t know how to format correctly. Justin, my editor, is out of town and thinks that excuses him from going in behind my posts and cleaning up any weird formatting or crappy coding. So, um, his fault that it looks bad. 😉

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Glad you liked it! Figured you needed a goodie for yourself!!! I didn’t think about Gavin eating it!!!

Thanks for award!


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