Holy Hangover, Batman!

I came.
I saw.
I got sloppy.
Yes, folks.  Colleen forgot that she has a much lower alcohol tolerance than she did 16 months ago.

Saturday night we went out with these fine folks:

Dave and Kari

Kari and Dave

*note that we went to a place so fancy they don’t know how to spell “February”, nor do they contract a quality printer that knows how to spell “February”.

Eric and Andrea

Andrea and Eric

Justin and Colleen

Justin and the lush he married

cake in a box

My Cake In a Box…yes, yes, I did sing that song.  No, we did not eat it off the floor. At least not before my fourth Cosmo.

I was doing really well right up until we were getting ready to leave…guess slamming the fourth Cosmo wasn’t very wise.  I can’t say that I remember the ride home.  Thank goodness Justin was the DD.  Thank goodness I have friends that tolerated my smart mouth all the way home (even though I have NO recollection of what was said…yikes!).  Thank goodness I didn’t embarrass myself in front of our 18-year old babysitter, er, too much.  We’ll see what she says the next time we ask her to babysit.

But, it was fun.  I’m glad we got out for a few hours.  Kind of wished it could’ve been longer since the DJ was just warming up when we were leaving.  I was totally ready to get my groove on.  Had that irresistible urge (brought on by those 4 glasses of “courage”) to show all the really old folks and the really young ones that I still “had it”.

Sunday morning, I was totally ready to crawl into a hole.  But with age comes experience.  So I downed my hangover-cure of 3 ibuprofens and 1 large glass of chocolate milk at 7:15am and was feeling better at 8am.   Still a little dehydrated, but a lot less hateful of sound and light. 

Can’t wait for the next Adults Only Night!

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Burgh Baby's Mom

That’s exactly what my birthday needs–a little alcohol. Or a lot of alcohol. Either way, I’m pretty sure drinking would make it better.

Glad you had a great time, even if you don’t remember much!


Sounds like you had a great time, and it’s always wonderful to get some adult time on your big day.

Madame Queen

Hoo-eee girl, sounds like you know how to party! I try to stay away from liquor these days and just stick to beer. Somehow I can feel that kind of drunk sneaking up on me better than I can with liquor!


I usually drink wine and it sneaks up on you slower than liquor, too. I may just have to stick to that now that I’m creeping up in years and don’t go out partying like I used to in college.


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