Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes, I am tooting my own horn. And frankly, I don’t care. Normally I don’t do much about hinting about my birthday or reminding people or that sort of thing. But for some reason, I mentally became 5 years old this year and went about telling all sorts of folks that today is my birthday. So thanks to all of you that are sweet enough to patronize me and wished me a happy birthday. I truly appreciated it.

My lovely family also got me some nice gifts.  My mom and step-dad, and Justin, got me gift cards to the spa where I get my hair done (wee, facial!); my dad and stepmom got me a cool wine tasting kit; my co-worker got me a bottle of wine (yum!); and my kids got me a gigantic package of StriVectin-SD cream from Costco.  And a card wishing me happy birthday and apologizing for the 18-months worth of stretch marks.  I’m not kidding.


Happy Birthday Mama…now feed me so I can get fat enough to fill in my dimples!

OOH…update….my mom made and sent kalachkis…a Hungarian cookie (I always thought they were Polish, but um, the Internets tells me otherwise), and my big little brother (younger, yet much taller) sent me a gift card for the Cellar Online to buy myself some wine (nice rhyme!). Thanks guys!!!!

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Toot away, and have a great wine-tasting day! Drink enough to make those stretch marks vanish from your thoughts. (Is that possible?) Your kids crack me up.

Jen T.

Happy Birthday Colleen! I hope it is a great one. Come home and visit all of us again soon so we can meet Cooper and see how big Gavin is getting!


Happy Birthday!! Too bad Dad wasnt able to see you today and is leaving tomorrow. Hope you had a great night with the kids and Justin.

Burgh Baby's Mom

Happy, happy birthday! That is the cutest photo of Little Man yet! The dimple is enough to make my ovaries ache. Good thing you got that card about stretch marks to remind me that with the cute comes the very ugly.


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