In Case You Were Wondering

Got a few random updates.  Just in case you were wondering.

  • Found out that Strivectin-SD actually works!  I went so far as to only put it on one half of my belly and after about three weeks of almost regular use, I actually saw a difference.  The biggest purple-ist stretch marks lightened up noticeably.  I considered adding pictures, but um, well, I realized that low on my belly has really only been seen by my doctors, my husband, and not really by me without creative mirror use. 
  • Found out that requesting Gavin to try on shoes in public is completely out-of-line.  That child completely LOST HIS MIND right in the middle of JC Penney’s shoe department:  screaming, flailing, crumpling into a pile of boneless three year-old skin.  So I picked out a pair, bought them, and we left without trying them on.  I asked him the next day if he wanted to see some new shoes and I pulled out the box.  That kid was so excited and pulled them out begging for help to put them on.  Not sure if I wanted to hug him or choke him.
  • Apparently I’m supposed to be training new employees in other work groups.  This was never requested by anyone in my group, but that poor new girl keeps coming to me with a million-and-one questions about her group and their work that I have NO idea about.  Normally I don’t mind helping people, but man is it tiring when she keeps asking me things that I don’t know because it’s not my work group, not my department, things I’ve never worked on, things I’ve no documentation to, for a group that has high turnover because they obviously don’t know how to train folks…just leave them to come find the nicest person that has an ungodly amount of free time to sit there and answer questions she knows nothing about…
  • we got our federal and state refunds…and while direct deposit is awesome because the cash is instantly THERE…it would be way cooler if they gave me a check like this:
    big ass check

  • Two weeks ago I weaned Cooper down to one feeding a day.  I was pretty miserable and uncomfortable for a few days, but it was nice to be able to delegate his morning feeding to Justin so that I’d have a chance to get ready in a decent amount of time.  Well, when he picked up that nasty flu or whatever it was, he could barely breathe, no matter how many times I used the old booger-sucker and the saline drops and even my contraband benadryl.  Every time I tried to nurse that poor baby he couldn’t breathe enough to nurse and would pull away screaming.  Not exactly what I imagined it would be like when I finally weaned him completely.  Well, since I’ve always had milk supply issues, and that child would take two sips and refuse to go back to his favorite food because he couldn’t breathe, I had to wean him completely.  I was also in the middle of trying to change formulas on him.  Unfortunately, between getting more formula in general and the change-over from Good Start to Enfamil, that child developed those nice, runny, sour poopies.  You know, those fun ones that go clear up the back to the collar?  Yeah.  Good times.  So now I’m kind of afraid I’m going to have to go back completely onto Good Start, which I can’t get as a generic or buy in any real bulk.  I know that sounds awful, but it is incredibly annoying to pay $25 for a 25-ounce can that might last about 8 days, whereas I could get a 38-ounce can for $32 for Enfamil, or a 50-ounce can of generic Enfamil for $20.  But I guess if my temperamental baby is going to be picky about his powdered milk, then I’ll have to comply, or else be stuck cleaning poop off his back for the next several months.  I suppose I could always put him to work as a studio musician…he does a good string bass, a little bit of percussion work, and he’s been working on his buzzing in order to play a brass instrument…


    um, if the video isn’t showing up, then it’s because YouTube has decided to do site maintenance while in the middle of processing my video

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Burgh Baby's Mom

STOP IT WITH THE CUTE BABY VIDEOS. You are going to make me want another one and that would be bad. Very, very bad.

Y’know, if I need to get Alexis moving faster when we’re trying to leave the house, all I have to do is tell her that we can go try on shoes. She could spend all day in a shoe store.


Ha, I can beat you on the over priced formula. We paid $25 for a 16oz can of powder formula when bought in a regular store and there was no generic either! You can check on Ebay for Nestle Good Start and buy the formula in bulk. Make sure you find out the expiration date before you buy it though. Also, check shipping charges because people will sell their formula cheap and “hide” the real cost by having outrageous shipping fees. I saw a shipping fee of 100 dollars once! People sell their formula coupons on Ebay too. It might seem odd to “buy” your coupons but it still ends up as a discount and shipping is really cheap 🙂


Cute cute cute! And I need to try some of that Strivectin! That stupid formula is so expensive! They are making a killing off of the stuff!


I think pooping up a back is a gift. I am amazed at how they do it. Hated it, but was amazed nonetheless.

I’m also thinking the IRS should personally deliver the refund checks.

Law Student Hot Mama

1. I buy the Similac already mixed stuff – it costs more, but the powdered stuff just looks nasty to me – I’d probably have poop up the back of my shirt, too, if I tried to drink it.

2. I think it’s hilarious that your kid HATED the shoes in the store and LOVED them at home. I remember as a kid telling my mom that I LOVED the stuff in the store and then refusing to wear it once we got it home. I’m happy for you that it’s working the other way around in your case.


BBM–sorry, I hate listening to my kid when he’s in the throws of demonic possession…I’m certainly not going to tape it and share…only the cute cute stuff that makes women’s uteruses (uteri?) scream!
Jen–been there done that…will probably look again, though
Maya–check out Costco or Sam’s Club…still expensive, but cheaper in the long run
Karen–you’re more than welcome to come be amazed at the poop that baby can push up to his collar…he’s certainly proud of himself since he does it so much
Hot Mama–I hate washing the pre-mixed stuff out of clothes, and it turns my kid’s poop black–and I would be paying 2-3 times more than I already do and as we’ve already established, I’m so cheap, that I’m willing to sacrifice my kid’s gastrointestinal health for the sake of saving a few dollars. 😉


wow, i want to be handed a human sized refund check too! LOL. The video of Cooper is so adorable, he sure is a talker.


Awe . . . I’m lovin’ that video!!! So, Strivectin works, eh? May have to look into that. OMG–as for those poops–I had no idea they could defy gravity like that! Boy were we surprised when it first happened . . . in the car . . . on a 6 hour trip . . . no rest area for 12 miles . . . Yeah, I hear ya . . . good times.


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