Dude, Where’s My Chips?

I walked into the Safeway near my office today, desperate for some potato chips.  I don’t eat them too often, but I just needed some salty goodness.  I go into the chip aisle and stare at the 16 feet of chip choices and I can’t find the ones I want.  The chips I NEED.  I stalk up and down that short, short 16 feet wondering when the hell Safeway got so damn healthy to not have an entire aisle of chips, popcorn, and pretzels.  In my annoyance, I grouch aloud, “Dude!!! where’s my chips??” and as I swing around in frustration, I see behind me that the entire side of the aisle is stuffed-to-over-flowing with all sorts of sizes and flavors of chips and pretzels. 

*cue harp music*


So I started my quest again to find the chips that I MUST HAVE:  Kettle Brand Krinkle Cut Buffalo Bleu Chips.

 When I found them, I actually hugged the bag and sighed happily and audibly, much to the disturbance of the 6-foot-4 guy in dreads and big motorcycle boots. 

I almost bought two bags, but didn’t want to be pooping fire later on in case I completely gave in and ate both bags in one sitting.

Instead, I bought one, got to work, and got hit with a ridiculous issue that completely kept me from my chips. *sigh*

Don’t worry babies!  Momma will be there tomorrow to snack on you!!!

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Pooping fire! You crack me up. I discovered Szechuan BBQ Pringles, but was pretty sure I suffered from the Szechuan flu the next day. YOI

Madame Queen

Mmm.. chips. I don’t even buy them because I know I’ll eat the whole bag. Not if they’re spicy, though. Love, love, love salt and vinegar.


Safeway. I haven’t seen one of those in a million years. Or a Giant. And I’m with Madame Queen on the salt and vinegar, or as a friend called them, “douche chips”.


Poopin’ fire–hee hee! I love the Lays Kettle chips–bbq! Yummo. One bag (in one sitting) isn’t that bad, is it?


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