Frankenpuppy, with Pictures

Ginger is now home.  We got home just before 6pm last night and the silly thing started running the second I set her down (on three legs, mind you).  She was immediately banished to her crate so that she didn’t give me a heart-attack.



She would NOT stand still or lay still for me to take any pictures.  Thanks to the gals at the vet for the cute collar cover!  It’s like a duvet for Ginger’s filthy nylon collar.

Ginger was also the Saddest Dog on the Planet because she had to sleep in her crate last night.  I did not want her trying to get on the bed and tearing up her non-hip hip, or busting stitches.  Forget that we just had near-strangers tear her open and break off a piece of BONE!  No, we were the bad bad people that made her so sad by making her sleep in the large, well-padded, full of soft cozy warm blankets crate.  Wish I got a picture of the look on  her face as I climbed into bed 3 feet away from her. 

Meanwhile, we are experiencing lovely near-freezing rain, which makes the yard such a joy to be in with a dog that HOPS!  Weeee!  Splash some more freezing filthy water on the pup and the mom!  This time, though, I broke down and turned the heat up to 70 since it is so dreary and chilly and Ginger is missing hair off her left rear quarter-panel.  I’m doing it for her, really.

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Ohhhh, poor Ginger! (and her poor Momma) My beloved childhood dog had hip surgery and her leg was bandaged up against her body for several weeks- she also refused to take it easy and we had to lock her in her crate every night. The pathetic look on her face is permanently engraved in my memory.

I hope her recovery goes well- looking at those pictures, I have to say that the shaved parts look almost risque 😉


Poor Ginger! Those stitches look like they hurt! I hope she relaxes a bit…even in the freezing rain.


Poor baby. The scar is tremendously large, and I shudder to think that the bill is even larger. I’ve been around the vet’s block a few times.


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