Cold. Miss Ginger. Blackberry. Twitch Eye Uncontrollably.

too much coffee this morning?
Yeah.  Probably.

I called the vet this morning and Ginger is not allowed to be released into the wild my care until a little later today, due to her surgery getting post-poned.  Like I can’t get her until 5pm-ish.  Sure hope that “emergency” was worth it!  Oh, and I am joking there.  I really am.  I actually like animals more than people…sometimes more than my family (I LOVE YOU GUYS!!).

Meanwhile, I am sitting here trying to scrounge up some work with Maggie plastered to my side, stealing all my body heat, fully dressed with socks, slippers, a big blanket over the two of us, and can ALMOST see my breath.  I’m considering cranking up the heat to a blistering 70 degrees, but am kind of curious as to how long I can type with partially-frozen fingers.  And then there’s that silly surgery that needs to be paid.  Let’s see, pay the gas company or pay the vet.  I actually kind of like the vet better since they don’t charge me a higher rate during certain months of the year.

Also, I keep obsessing over wanting a silly pink Blackberry.  Found out that I’m not cool enough to have my company partially pick up the tab on my cell bill (read: my company doesn’t need to get ahold of me at all hours, no matter how important I convince them I am).  Right now I pay a measly $35/month for like 450 minutes on my pink RAZR.  For the Blackberry, I’d be paying twice that…partly because I’d want to add the data package so that I could actually USE the phone for emails, etc.  You know, for what it’s made to do.  Plus, if I get that data package, I get an additional $100 off the price of the phone…add in my trade-in discount (or whatever it’s called when you have your phone for 2 years)…and a mail-in rebate, and I’m looking at getting a $420 phone for like $100.  And while saving over $300 REALLY appeals to me…I mean, that’s over 75% off (my head is nearly exploding from all the savings and excitement…really!).  If I didn’t take advantage of that, the Sales Gods would spite me for sure and I’d never see a sale past 30% off again.  But the problem is doubling my monthly rate.  I don’t get any additional minutes, but I can email to my little heart’s content.  And obsessively watch even more for those emails letting me know that I have a comment on my site. 

Maybe I’ll grab another cup of coffee to thaw out my brain and consider this a little more.  If nothing else, all the uncontrollable twitching and the one-leg shaking should help keep me warm, right?

Oh, and since I’m all over the place with this post anyways, I’m having a little sale on my jewelry (well, it’s not mine…I mean, I didn’t design it).  I’m not allowed to advertise here, but it’s a Valentine’s Day sale.  So leave a comment asking about it or click on that little “contact me” link and I’ll give you the details.

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Matt Hanson

I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

Matt Hanson


A coworker of mine just got a blackberry for a side gig he has and he says the interface for the email is kind of lame. Al boring plain text looking. He also has an I phone and said it’s way better (not that you could afford an I phone though). I wouldn’t do the blackberry because you have access to email all day at work. Don’t you also have high speed and wireless at home too? Just leave the lap top on in the middle of the living room and pretend it is a big blackberry.


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