Nervous, Much?

Yep, I am a silly nervous Nelly today.  My puppy baby is getting her hip surgery today, and as usual whenever any of my pets go under the knife, I am like a cat in a room full of rocking chairs.  Or a one-legged girl in a butt-kicking contest.  Oh wait.  That just means I’m busy.  Okay.  I’m not busy.  I’m nervous.  Skittish.  When I’m nervous I can’t shut-up and babble and suffer from diarrhea of the mouth.  Like I am right now.  Except maybe this is diarrhea of the fingers since I’m typing?  Maybe I should spray Lysol on my keyboard with this whole diarrhea of the fingers?

Okay.  I’m going to take a breath.

And maybe sneak a little Bailey’s in my coffee.

ginger repairs

Ginger is getting her FHO performed and a polyp removed. 



(are you listening Burgh Baby’s Mom?…no need to defect to that other site supposedly touting to love and cherish Ginger)

I got a call from the vet at about 5pm.  After 2-1/2 hours of surgery, she is minus one itty-bitty rectal polyp and one femoral head.  She is doing fine and was resting.  I will be picking her up tomorrow, probably late morning or early afternoon, along with sixty-hundred dollars worth of pain and antibiotic pills.  Oh, and heartworm pills, too, since we’re due.  And probably some more tetracycline opthalmic ointment for my nasty-eyed cat, Ollie.  I literally owe my entire net-worth to the vet.  Good thing my net-worth is only about $25.

I was also told I would have copious amounts of going-home instructions for Ginger, which would include some basic physical therapy.  So we’re looking at investing in a small doggy-pool.  Or just putting her in our big soaking tub, possibly with one of the kids because after the cost of that surgery, we’re going to need to share baths in this house for a while!  And I guess this means that even though I’m up for a new phone, I won’t be getting anything fancy like this one (although, SALE…it’s on SALE!).  Does anyone have one?  Is it worth it?  Is the keyboard weird?  I mean, it’s a QWERTY keyboard but two letters on each key–that flips my lid.  But I digress.

I will be sure to update folks after I bring home Frankenpuppy.

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