Ginger’s Hips

I know none of you have asked, but I know that secretly all of you have been just wondering what on earth is going on with Ginger and her recovery from her hip surgery.  She is doing great.  Didn’t walk on the leg for about a month (even with with some serious painkillers).  Towards the end of February, she started using that leg periodically during the day.  Once she ran out of painkillers from the vet, she let off that leg again.  We worked it and moved it around, but she still just wouldn’t use it.  So I found some of her leftover arthritis pills (from just before the surgery), and gave those to her…after finishing those off (about a week’s worth), she started tentatively walking on that leg again.

By mid-March, she was walking on it pretty well, but would be hobbling by the end of a long day (i.e. weekends).  Then we watched our friends’ dog, Khali, a 40-something pound shepherd mix who Ginger ADORES!  I cannot hardly explain the love and excitement Ginger exudes every time we host Khali for a week.  While our dogs sleep in bed with us, we have Khali sleep on the floor (there’s just NO room for her, too).  Each morning once Justin and I first start talking to each other while still in bed (“get up!”  “turn off your friggin’ alarm!”), Khali would put her nose and a big ole paw on the bed…and Ginger would react like “OMIGAWWWD!  IT’S KHALI!  SHE’S HERE AGAIN!  MOMMA, DID YOU SEE?  IT’S KHALI!  OH I LOVE HER!  I GIVE HER KISSES!  HOLY CRAP SHE’S HERE AGAIN TODAY!”  It’s as if she has no memory of the night before of watching Khali forlornly laying down on her comfy bed on the floor.

So after spending a week running amok with Khali (while Maggie just pouted), Ginger was walking perfectly on that not-so-bum leg.  And most of the hair that was shaved in preparation of the surgery has grown back…except for this triangular patch on the top of her back.  So she essentially has this friar (monk?) hair growth on her butt.  We’re wondering if it’s ever going to grow back, since it’s now 2-1/2 months after the fact.  You might be able to see it in this video below (warning, this dog is very excited for no reason whatsoever…I’m not kidding):

Justin keeps wondering why they didn’t give her a lobotomy when they fixed her hip.

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Burgh Baby

Actually, I was wondering. I kept forgetting to ask. Your dog? Is crazy. But you knew that. Glad to hear she is doing well.

BTW, if the Pens end up playing the Caps in the next round, I can’t be your friend on game nights. I’ll still love you, but I won’t be able to be your friend. Just thought I’d warn you in case you wanted to avoid the whole thing by just having the Caps lose now. 😉


ha ha! better than the dog phlegm that was there a few minutes prior (I leave the bottle there like a domestic polycone).

2nd Cup Linda

Off topic: I just saw one of your comments where you said you are a BSU grad. Me too, but Muncie is my hometown. Just sayin’ Hey.


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