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The One Where Cooper Feeds the Dogs Again

——————————————- Uh…I don’t think you stopped by my giveaway. You only have until midnight (ok, 11:59pm ET) on Monday, October 6th to leave a comment with your favorite post. Or leave several comments with your favorite posts (I’m creating “Top-Five” or “Best-Of” type list). Each comment with a post gets entered into the giveaway for […]

Observations and Rants from a Psuedo Single Mom

In no particular order… Justin has been gone again all this week for training. He’s been sleeping in a hotel room by himself in a king-size bed. He gets to sleep without being woken up by an early-bird four-year old, snoring dogs, noisy neighbors, or nocturnally-crazed cats. He wakes up, works out in the hotel […]

Ginger Drools

You know how I referenced here that Cooper was teething and drooling more than Ginger? Thought I’d give you a good frame of reference. Needless to say, between Ginger and Cooper, Gavin has been wearing his life-jacket all weekend in order to not drown.

Ginger’s Hips

I know none of you have asked, but I know that secretly all of you have been just wondering what on earth is going on with Ginger and her recovery from her hip surgery.  She is doing great.  Didn’t walk on the leg for about a month (even with with some serious painkillers).  Towards the end […]

Cold. Miss Ginger. Blackberry. Twitch Eye Uncontrollably.

too much coffee this morning? Yeah.  Probably. I called the vet this morning and Ginger is not allowed to be released into the wild my care until a little later today, due to her surgery getting post-poned.  Like I can’t get her until 5pm-ish.  Sure hope that “emergency” was worth it!  Oh, and I am joking […]