Ginger Drools

You know how I referenced here that Cooper was teething and drooling more than Ginger? Thought I’d give you a good frame of reference. Needless to say, between Ginger and Cooper, Gavin has been wearing his life-jacket all weekend in order to not drown.

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In her defense, it doesn’t get QUITE this bad unless she’s really worked up. But since she’s a spaz, it does happen quite regularly…we’re just usually better about wiping her face as needed. 🙂


Ew! Ew ew ew! My brother’s Boston doesn’t drool like that. Is that a Boston trait? It’s a major reason I won’t have a Dane. EW!!!

swirl girl

Two Words….Cu.Jo.

the red eyes and {gag} drool streams are yet one more reason why I don’t do animals.


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