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Nervous, Much?

Yep, I am a silly nervous Nelly today.  My puppy baby is getting her hip surgery today, and as usual whenever any of my pets go under the knife, I am like a cat in a room full of rocking chairs.  Or a one-legged girl in a butt-kicking contest.  Oh wait.  That just means I’m […]

Smooshfaced Symphony of Snoring

After I spent way too long reading and commenting on blogs last night (darn you, you prolific blog writers…can hardly keep up with my uncontrollable urge to comment), I got to bed a little later than I wanted.  As I’m trying to doze off, I hear Ginger snoring softly…slightly annoying, but her snores are very […]

Oh, hi. I’m back.

Sorry about that folks. Did you miss me? Well, according to my IT department (er, uh, Justin), “Our web hosting provider has notified us that we are moving to a “bigger better” server, but in order to do that this website will be down. When you ask? sometime between Dec 20 and 22 and the […]