House of Ill Re-Puke

As you might’ve guessed, we are a household full of illness right now.  Cooper has had the sniffles pretty much since he first set foot in daycare 4-1/2 months ago, but he started developing a yuckier runny nose and a cough on Sunday…it steadily got worse until he decided to puke up a large portion of his dinner and his nightcap before bed, and has continued to bring back large portions of all his meals since then.  Meanwhile, Justin came home yesterday and went straight to bed with bad nausea and a wicked headache.  I teased him that he was pregnant, but he didn’t find the humor in it.

So Justin slept restlessly most of the night, which meant I didn’t get a decent-night’s sleep.  Cooper slept poor as well, doing that fun screeching-in-his-sleep thing (which I guess is better than him being fully awake and demanding food or snuggles or whatever).  Then Gavin came into bed with us at about 5am.  And Cooper got up for-real at 5:45am.  He was feverish and tired.  I tried rocking him back to sleep, but the second I laid him in the crib, he yelled out his protests.  So I stuck him in bed with is feverish father and hyper brother and took a shower.

I get out of the shower and Justin announces, “I think he’s reached his threshold with me” which translates to “I’ve reached my threshold with Cooper,” so he gets Cooper changed into some clothes and puts him on our bed with a toy while I attempt to dry my hair.  Cooper, without a jabbering brother next to him, fell asleep in less than 30 seconds.

I leave Cooper with Justin and bring Gavin to daycare, where he has turned into crazy clingy boy.  Just in case any of you weren’t aware, this child has not attached himself to me like this in over a year because he is Daddy’s Boy and no one can kiss boo-boos or chase away monsters or snuggle in bed like Daddy.  Even if Daddy isn’t around, Mommy is not to be used as a substitute.  So now I’m worried that Gavin may be coming down with this mess as well since he must have some fever in his brain to make him hang on me instead of saying, “Go, Mommy.”  I haven’t had a call yet from the daycare, so I guess we’ll see tonight.

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Madame Queen

Ay yi yi, it never ends, does it? Fortunately I managed to keep it contained to only one child this time. I hope everyone in your house feels better soon!


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