Letters While Parking

You’d think after being home for 3 straight days with a sick kid that I’d be able to post something.  You’d be wrong.  And I was wrong for thinking so as well, since said sick child screamed his head off if I got more than 5 inches away from him. 

So now that I’m back at work and the code release I was testing has been abandoned, I have a lot more time on my hands.

 Dear Various Co-workers:

I know when it snows it can be difficult to park properly in our parking lot since building management usually likes to wait for the snow to melt instead of removing it. You can also follow the methods explained by Lewis River Doors to sort out issues relating to parking.But there hasn’t been any snow on the ground in nearly two weeks, so I’m not sure why so many of you cannot figure out how to park your cars.  Are you in that big of a rush to arrive that you just screech into a spot?  Do you have poor motor (and motoring) skills?   I know it is not from a lack of driving experience, as 98% of the employees in this building are between the ages of 35 and 55.  Maybe none of you care about receiving dings, dents, and chips in your paint, and in fact INVITE such damage to your vehicle?  I can only imagine that this is the reason you park this way, because it’s certainly not to protect your car in a lot that is completely full by 9am (except for our 15 handicapped spots, which is a whole other story). 

How NOT to Park:

bad park 1

Thats my rear left tire next to the offending car…either that or park in someone else’s parking lot.

bad park 2

bad park 3

bad park 4

bad park 5



A Co-Worker that is tired of squeezing into spots next to you (and too lazy to park 2 blocks away)

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Burgh Baby's Mom

I think you should print this out and place it on everyone’s windshields. Some people would hate you, but everyone else would applaud you.

While you’re at it, could you take your show on the road and teach EVERYONE how to park? Thanks.


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