Happy VD! A Valentine’s Day T13

Or, um.  Well.  You know what I’m trying to say.  Hope everyone is out there getting flowers, or chocolate, or jewelry, or maybe just a foot rub and a nice dinner.

Here’s a list of 13 things I love besides my husband, my kids, my dogs, my cats, and my friends and family, and stuff I said here because I’m lame and taking advantage of the holiday and hey, there’s all SORTS of reruns on TV right now, too.

1.  I love Blog Bling.  And I finally got some!   

 Burgh Baby’s Mom was sweet enough to bless me with this lovely bloggy Valentine: 

VD heart blog

and I’d love to pass it along to Lag Liv, Precarious Tomato, Madame Queen, and The Rocking Pony (Karen, don’t feel you need to pass it along, since you were on top of things and already passed your earlier Valentine along).

And Karenwas so lovely as to give me this bloggy bling (even though she usually makes MY day):

 make my day

I would like to pass this fun along to Burgh Baby’s Mom (yes, I know you already got it from Karen, but you do crack me up), and to Flea because she gave me such a sweet compliment about my awful Christmas morning pictures.

2.  I love how VDOT put down sand and salt on my residential street sometime between 9pm last night and 8am this morning.  Even though the ice storm was on Tuesday, where hundreds of people were stuck on major highway overpasses for 8-10 hours without moving due to the ice (and no road treatment–but don’t get me started on their lack of preparedness–that would take at least 300 words).  Even though the rain we got yesterday ended at 4pm.  Even though the wind whipping through the streets dried out the streets by 8pm last night.  Even though we did not receive any precipitation last night and aren’t forecasted to get any for another 2 days, at least.

3.   I love how I get up early and somehow everything keeps me from getting to work at a decent time and I end up late.  Yet, on the days I wake up late, I still need to deal with the stupid stuff and still end up at work late.

4.  I love how I will be sitting at my desk for 6 straight hours and not hear a peep from anyone, but the moment I get up to go to the ladies room, or run out to grab a bite to eat, I suddenly have 15 IM boxes blinking, 2 voicemails, 7 emails, and at least 3 people physically looking for me.

5.  I love steak.  Specifically, filet mignon…mmmmmmmmmmmm….nom nom nom.  My stomach is growling just THINKING about a steak!!!

6.  I love sitting at home vegging in front of the TV.  I am a big couch-potato-sitting-whore.  I just can’t get enough of sitting and doing nothing, letting my mind rot.  Although I do love watching those real detective shows and all sorts of programming on the History Channel and the Discovery channels…so maybe a little less rot going on?

7.  I love dancing.  I don’t claim to dance well by any means, folks, but holy crap do I love to dance!  If I’m at a bar and the music’s going, even without any alcohol in my system, it will be really hard for me to not at least do the Roxbury Head Bob.  And if I’ve had a drink or two?  Well, then *watch out*  because this dance ain’t for everybody–Only the sexy people!  (and yes, I think that I am one of them)

8.  I love people who use turn signals.  No, I’m not being facetious.  I am completely serious.  There are folks on the roads around me who seem to think turn signals are a minor option; some, I fear, don’t even know that their vehicles come equipped with turn signals.  Instead, they will stomp on the brakes to make their turn.  So if I have someone in front of me actually use their turn signals, I am this close to getting out of my car to hug them for their courtesy.

9.  I love knitting.  It’s simple, but challenging all at the same time.  It’s quiet, you can do it in front of the TV or while riding in the car, and you usually have something to show for it by the time you’re done (as long as you complete the reception-blanket sized blanket before the child is a hunkering 25-lb one-year old).

10.  I love fast food.  I mean, I love sitting and eating a good meal and a restaurant, but OMG!!!!!  I am a drooling quivering twit if I can have either (a) the 12-piece nugget combo at Chik-Filet with buffalo sauce and a extra large sweet tea, or (b) the Big Mac meal at McDonald’s with an extra large sweet tea.

11.  I still love the idea of having a pet pig.  Since my husband drew the line at livestock, I have my two snorting Boston Terriers instead.  But given the chance, I would get me a pig and call him Gus.

12.  I love tax returns!!!  I’ve had several people suggest that Justin and I adjust our withholdings so that we get more in our check each week and less at the end of the year, but getting a little windfall each spring is nice.  That’s how we paid to replace the flooring in two bedrooms two different years (previous owners had a cat with litterbox issues, which, um, tempted our cats to have litterbox issues); it’s how we put a down payment on our truck; it’s how we paid for paint to purdy-up the house or get ready for a baby; it’s how we paid for furniture for Gavin (both nursery and big-boy furniture); it’s how we paid for part of our honeymoon.  This year, we will be paying off a credit card or two.  And maybe go on a date.

13.  I love stupid folks who have nothing better to do with their time or education except create worms and other malicious code.  I’m trying to figure out what they get out of it.  Are they trying to take down a major corporation?  Or do they just hope to take down every unsuspecting email user?  Well, I hope whomever created this nastiness has an undercooked dinner that makes them nauseous and vomit.  And not get any candy.

(14.  And um, I love how WordPress doesn’t allow me to center my images, no matter how bad I beat it with code)



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Penelope Anne - The Mama Bear

All wonderful things to love for very special reasons.
Wish our road crews would get out and do something, my sons spent an hour helping a dear old lady out of the ditch this morning, and still no road crew.
Winter in Wisconsin.
Happy TT and Valentines Day!

Burgh Baby's Mom

Congrats and thanks!

I love you for loving people that use their turn signals. I know that they are optional equipment on many cars, so the rare person that forks out the extra cash for that trusty little blinker really does deserve some love.


You must be from the south, the sweet tea gives it away. 🙂

Nice list, now my mouth is watering for filet mignon…YUM!


Congrats on the bling! And thanks!

I agree, tax returns are the best. We’re planning on being debt free in another month or so thanks to the windfall coming our way. (Well, minus the mortgage.)

And I admire you for knitting. Still have mine sitting in a bag waiting to be mastered. I feel so stupid.


🙂 I like to crochet. I don’t know how to knit, but crocheting is an easy sit-in-front-of-the-tube and do nothing kind of thing. LOL. I love it. Happy Heart Day!

Comedy Plus

Love your list. Filet Mignon is my favorite steak too. Have you ever had the Filet Mignon roast? Yummy too. Yep on the turn signals, and I so agree with you on #13. They just don’t have a life is the problem. Have a great TT and Valentine’s Day. 🙂


Hi, cool list!! Me, I just love breaking wordpress, and then tryting to fix it! Usually I never end up fixing it though, and it just has to be reinstalled. I’m not a PHP master, by any means!! I did a TT too, it’s at: http://lifes-adventures.net

Madame Queen

Thanks for the Blog Love!! I’m so honored.

I’m with you on #8. My biggest pet peeve ever is people who don’t use their turn signals!!


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