We Be Illin’

Is that showing too much of my age?  Or am I totally outing myself as one of the few girls who love old Beastie Boys?  Well, whatever. 

After 4 straight weeks of the kids and Justin swapping germs and illnesses where nearly every possible symptom was exhibited (except for the kind that call for some soothing, calming, healing antibiotics…damn you viruses!), I am now sick.  I had a little bit of the snifflies last week.  But it was literally for a day or two.  When Cooper and Justin were battling the stomach bug, I thought I had caught a smidge of it because I was queazy and fatigued…turned out I was just completely exhausted from caring for sick people and one very not-sick and hyper three year old.  But now?  Well, I’ve got more than a smidge of the stomach bug.  So if you don’t mind, I’m going to go find someplace to die for a few days.  Please feel free to send saltines and 7-up (um, not Sprite, that nasty over-sweet unsurper!).

The up side of this?  The weather is in the 60’s today, so I opened a few windows to see if I could air out the pukie bug (and the snot bug that both boys are battling at the moment). 

P.S.  send brains, too, because I hit “save” instead of “publish” and then couldn’t figure out where my post was.  more than once.

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that tells you how sick I really am! can’t seem to keep two very different-looking rap groups separated correctly in my head.


Hope you’re feelin’ better soon. That package is on the way and maybe it’ll help perk you up. Yeah for warm weather and open windows!


honey, my sympathies. also, I LUUUURVE to crank up some “Watcha Want”, I think it’s very soothing for a mother to drive around screaming SO WATCHA WATCHA WATCHA WANT SO WATCHA WANT
although it is a little embarrassing when my kids beg me to turn it down.


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